Episode 1: How NU’EST rose to the top, and how other idols can follow suit

The pilot episode of Bias Wrecker brings the discussion of how K-pop groups can get popular by looking at NU’EST, a group that debuted in 2012 but did not get popular until this year.

FYI Resources

Links to music videos:

NU’EST – Hello
Girls’ Generation (SNSD) – Gee
AOA – 짧은 치마 (Miniskirt)
Twice – Cheer Up
IU – 좋은 날 (Good Day)
EXID – 위아래 (Up and Down)

Links to news and photos:

Jang Hyunseung new single
Yuri injury
Kim Taedong contract termination
Samuel Kim song banned
NU’EST rise to fame
NU’EST W’s new song tops charts
Girl’s Day Hyeri 10-million girl
IU Soju poster in restaurant (Girl in the photo is Sulli, former f(x) member)
EXID rise to fame (fancam embedded)
Feature on Im Siwan
Actor Lee Si Eon doubtful of possibility for Reply 1997 success
Produce 101 Season 2 winners
AOA scoring high on charts
Twice’s chart-topping songs
AOA Seolhyun paper cut outs stolen
K-pop airport fashion blog


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